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Holds it’s own against the World Leaders

  • Ranked #1 for Preference amongst all leading Light Pilsner/Lager Beer competitors ***
  • Gold and Black can design makes a significant premium shelf impact; made even more valuable given its value price point.
  • PRINZBRAU’s strong heritage and brewing integrity appeals to today’s value beer drinker looking for the highest quality lager at a great price.

*Independent Preference test (Toronto, Canada 2018) measuring Flavor, Taste, Refreshment and overall Preference ranking. Beers reviewed: Heineken, Asahi, PRINZBRAU, Bud Light and Tsingtao.

** PRINZBRAU was ranked #1 for overall preference.

Contract Brewing – Private Label Beer’s

Additional to the Prinzbrau, PBG also offers Private Label Product’s for Wholesaler, Importer, and Supermarket chains.
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