The Prinz Beverage Group

Our story begins in 1548 when Baron von Degenberg opened the doors to the World’s first original wheat beer brewery in Bavaria – brewing a weissbier that became a staple favorite amongst European royalty.

One Hundred and Thirty years later in 1689, William of Orange, King William III from England, started a Gin revolution by bringing Genever from the Netherlands to England and granting citizenry rights to distill Junipers and other botanical ingredients to craft the world famous London Dry Gin.

Almost 500 years later, the Prinz Beverage Group (PGB) was formed to unite these founding dignitaries, their beverage products, and other outstanding brands under one roof, in order to offer a portfolio of prestigious beers and spirits to the world. As such, our company ships product containers across all continents so all demand is satisfied.

And although our name is The Prinz Beverage Group (PBG), our goal is to be known as the world’s Perfect Beverage Group.   


At PBG, we’re driven to ensure that every one of our products delivers the perfect drink. In fact, the design of the perfect drink is in our dna. How have we done this? We have learned how to artfully craft our beers and spirits using the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients, and combine them with methods of preparation that have been perfected over hundreds of years by Dignitaries, Monks, and other Masters. Our experts and consumers also know what tastes great so we are constantly striving for taste perfection, and will not launch a product until perfection has been achieved.

Quality and the best Ingredients

“Life is too short for a bad drink”

Niclas Prinz (President, PBG)

PBG is committed to a German based set of quality standards and processing principles and we never waiver from these best in class standards. Rest assured that when you purchase any of our beverage alcohols, they are made with the highest quality real ingredients and processing methods.

Beverages are Investments

With PBG, every purchased container or truckload is a guaranteed good investment. We sell sought after brands that deliver the perfect quality for the price and turn quickly across all sales channels. Our strong management team ensures that our  brands and customers are well supported and proven to stand out.